The Bridal Ball Story......

Daniele Palanca  | Executive Chef - Ambassador Golf Club

THE BIRTH OF BRIDAL BALL.....For over a decade, I had brides telling me that how sad they were, that they could not wear their wedding gowns again.  Finally, a light bulb went off!  What if they could wear their gowns again?  Voila....the idea of Bridal Ball was born. I could create an event, with the help of many great vendors in my industry, that would give the opportunity for all of these brides to relive their weddings!  To top if all off, money could raised to assist local charities.  The idea of Bridal Ball expanded into what Bridal Ball is known as today.  It has gone way beyond just brides wearing their wedding gowns.  It is now the premier event of the year that everyone, men and women, want to attend!


Sarah Taylor | Founder of Bridal Ball / Store Director - It's Your Day Bridal Boutique

My passion for weddings has been a part of my life for over 25 years.  I currently organize and manage events at Ambassador Golf Club.  When Sarah Taylor, owner of It's Your Day Bridal, mentioned this concept to me a few years ago I was quite intrigued.  Wow... a chance for brides, bridesmaids, mother of the brides and even groomsmen to wear their attire again and all for charity!   I am very honoured to be part of this committee with some of the best and most hard working people in the business.  It is my chance to give back to the community.

We will be hosting the 7th Annual Bridal Ball at Ambassador Golf Club on Saturday, March 30th, 2019.  Doors open at 6:00 pm and             dinner at 7:00 pm.

The idea of Bridal Ball is a themed social night with proceeds going to charity.  Women and men can dress in their old, new or vintage formal attire.  This can include any Gown, Dress, Suit, or Tux,  including a Wedding Gown. Pull out that dress or suit, you bought for that big fancy event, wedding or night out... and join us for this amazing charity event!

All proceeds from the 2019 Bridal Ball will be donated to......TBA

Diane Farquhar | Client Service Manager - Ambassador Golf Club

Susan Hanson - Director of Admin for T.J. Enterprises (Tim Hortons)

As an Ambassador for the Tim Horton Children's Foundation, my goal is to raise awareness of the Foundation so that we can send as many economically disadvantaged children to camp as possible. Some of these children would never otherwise have the opportunity to go to camp or to have these wonderful experiences.  It has been my privilege to be on the committee for Bridal Ball this year. It's a wonderful group of people hosting a great event for local charities.

When this concept was first brought to my attention I thought it was a such a unique idea and not your typical charity event. As the Executive Chef at Ambassador Golf Club, we host many weddings per year, so I thought the Bridal Ball gala would be a perfect fit with our facility. We became a sponsor from the beginning and proud to say we are now the home to Bridal Ball. I am very happy to be on this committee along with a group of caring individuals who all want to give our time to help others in our community.